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Katedra hudební výchovy
Pedagogická fakulta UP
Žižkovo nám. 5
771 40 Olomouc
Head of Department: Mgr. Gabriela Coufalová, Ph.D. Klikněte pro zvětšení
Deputies: Mgr. Lenka Kružíková, Ph.D.
Secretary: Lenka Hejlová


Department of Music Education

Department of Music Education

The Department prepares prospective teachers of Music Education to teach at primary and secondary schools, choirmasters and music teachers teaching musical instruments and singing who will teach at specialized art schools. The study programme is carried out primarily in a combination with another major available at Faculties of Education, Philosophy or Natural Science of Palacký University. The Department provides three-year long undergraduate programmes Education-oriented music culture, Musical instrument or Singing and Education-oriented choir mastering. The aims of the programmes are to develop and enhance music skills in students, and skills at playing the piano, organ or recorder, singing, choir and band mastering. At the same time, students acquire knowledge in the fields of music theory, music history, music forms, musical instruments, etc. The following graduate programmes, Teaching music education at elementary schools and Teaching music education at secondary schools are carried out for two years. The master degree programmes deepen and extend students’ competencies especially in music teaching and in Psychology. During the course of the study, the students are placed at primary and secondary schools for the teaching practicum. In addition to full-time programmes, the Department offers part-time master degree programmes Teaching music education at secondary schools and Teaching musical instruments (piano, organ) and Singing at secondary schools and art schools, which enrol especially former graduates of music academies or teachers of primary art schools. In addition to these, the Department caters for pre-service teachers of primary education at primary schools, including special needs education, and of pre-school education in the area of music teaching. Upon the completion of the graduate programme, students interested in theory can apply for a three-year long doctoral programme Music theory and education, awarding Ph.D. degree. The Department is also eligible to grant the degrees of Associate Professor and Professor (the tenure) in Music theory and education. The Department’s faculty comprises qualified instructors, associate professors, and professors who actively engage not only in their teaching activities, but also in various activities linked to musicology, music theory, folklore, music history, music education and music psychology, or possibly, in their own creative efforts, especially in composing and interpreting. The Department organizes conferences, art-oriented workshops, publishes proceedings, or participates in organizing international festivals such as The Olomouc Days of Songs, Musica religiosa, The Baroque, etc. Several musical groups and ensembles are based at the Department, among them are the Ensemble Damian, university choir Ateneo, and diverse student folklore or jazz bands. The Department has extensive international contacts providing great opportunities of study abroad. Students can leave for one or two semester exchange visits to Austria, Germany, or the U.K. under the Erasmus programme. The Department also frequently hosts visiting professors from these countries.
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